Fintech Mobile Application


“New way to integrate reward points from all of your credit cards.”

Service ㅣ Brand Consulting, Branding Design, Mobile UI & UX & Wordpress Design

Project Duration ㅣ 2 Months

Website ㅣ

Pocket, a point rewarding fintech mobile application, acquired 54,584 users and accumulated 171,277,009 points by 2016 requested branding consultation and design to raise brand awareness and to acquire younger generation users. The issue was that the existing brand, Pocket, doesn’t reflect what the company is trying to achieve, also its naming and brand system aren’t following fintech market trend to appeal younger generation.

Our goal was to transform the existing brand system into a competitive brand that potential users can consume rational and emotional value; they use it to get point rewards, also they love it because of the whole brand experience. It was important that we make the whole brand experience continuous throughout a variety of platforms, offline to online.

For brand name renewal, we’ve conducted market researches to make it stands out and competitive. Also, we’ve tried to establish the trust by making the brand name clearly represents what it does. We named it Finket (Finance Rocket), meaning that it is easy and efficient to earn and increase rewarding points.

Starting with brand name renewal, we’ve designed its website and mobile application, especially splash, tutorial, lock-in, my point, and my card pages. We designed them to keep overall brand tone and manner, so that users experience the brand the same regardless of type of device.

Just a month after the project, Finket had improvement on the number of users, 67,051, and the accumulation of rewarding points, 260,136,921.