Skandinavisk Design Filosofi

Lilly Hansson

“Electric home appliances should be designed for ease of use.”

Service ㅣ Graphic Design, Wordpress Design

Project Duration ㅣ 2 Months

Website ㅣ

Lilly Hansson, a drying machine manufacturing company, requested a website development service to stand out among ordinary manufacturing industry. It was already unique in brand philosophy that Lilly Hansson aims to promote its Scandinavian product design to appeal younger generation. Lilly Hansson’s explicit brand identity and philosophy were very helpful to design and develop website.

We’ve tried to change the ordinary idea that a drying machine is quite expensive, difficult to use and unnecessary to purchase; Lilly Hansson makes a trendy drying machine that is easy to use, intuitive, efficient in energy, and necessary for women in late 20 – 50s. It wasn’t just a website we were building, rather it was a brand story book that we were trying to develop.

We minimized sitemap, so that users can navigate through easily, also we’ve properly added call-to-action buttons for better user experience. Somehow potential users redirected or land on the website, we wanted to keep their brand experience consistent.

In a month, Lilly Hansson acquired more than 2,500 sessions and 2,000 visitors with low bounce rate of under 40%.