Renzo’s M-commerce Project


“We’re trying to help people to launch their mobile commerce easier than ever.”

Service ㅣ Brand Consulting, Branding Design

Project Duration ㅣ 2 Months

Website ㅣ

Renzo Inc. is a team of mobile application developers located in Japan, and had an idea to create a unique platform that provides website to mobile application auto-transformation service. Renzo had put together all awesome stuff in development side, but they needed a perfect branding system that visualizes their vision.

We developed Renzo’s brand idea further to define its new business. We’ve defined its service as ‘a platform that makes sure your website is handy in a user’s hand’. Based on the brand positioning we’ve developed, we designed brand system that is inspired by a geometrical figure, spatiality, and minimal design; we viewed a platform as a valuable space that does valuable things for users.