The Test Kitchen’s

The Cracker Kitchen

“Bring Vegan into Daily Snack Life”

Service ㅣ Brand Consulting, Branding Design

Project Duration ㅣ 1.5 Months

Website ㅣ

The Test Kitchen, a vegan certified snack production company, requested total branding service to launch a new brand for global market. The Test Kitchen has healthy life-oriented branding philosophy; therefore, the company was hoping to create a competitive global brand to deliver its brand message.

We believed that this project should overcome a typical bias towards vegan food, which is that vegan food isn’t worth a try because of taste, by designing a whole branding attractive and appetite to give a try. Our branding team focused on designs that will give a new awareness about vegan snack.

New logo symbol is inspired by the scene – family and friends gathered around a table to have tea time with snacks. We also developed new brand’s name, The Cracker Kitchen, that is continuous from The Test Kitchen’s original identity, and The Cracker Kitchen name itself clearly describes the primary focus of the brand.

To give a consistent tone and manner of The Test Kitchen’s global brand, we designed its global product lines’ pouch-style packages. For each snack, we used a color that perfectly match for the packaging label, so that it gives attractive and appetite look for potential consumers. We were trying to avoid that the whole branding gives “vegan food is unconditionally healthy”, but rather we tried to achieve the branding message that “The Cracker Kitchen makes great snack you can share with good people.”