Coworking Community


“Not just space, we’re community for creative collaboration.”

Service ㅣ Brand Consulting, Branding Design & Wordpress Design

Project Duration ㅣ 2 Months

Website ㅣ

BigBooth is a coworking community that not only provides cozy working space, but also offers a unique environment for members to communicate and to collaborate as a community. To be more than just coworking space, we’ve developed a unique brand identity that appealing to potential community members.

We believed that the whole brand concept behind BigBooth’s brand philosophy is “Gathering one by one individually eventually makes a huge valuable network that benefits each other”. We tried to deliver its brand philosophy to potential community members via on and offline, so that they can directly or indirectly experience the whole brand. Our focus of its brand positioning was to deliver the brand image – work and rest with a sense of belonging, and to visualize the abstract brand image.

From brand name development to business management consultation, we’ve successfully partnered with BigBooth to design satisfying results, therefore BigBooth community members truly understand its brand philosophy, and they put it into practice; they enjoy working and communicating with each other, rather than simply focusing on own work.